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DONGURI’s aim is for every child to develop excellent problem-solving abilities and to grow into well-rounded young adults through our unique and effective math method.


We can often hear the statement,
“Nowadays children’s problem solving skill has deteriorated.’


We all know that mathematical education or, more broadly, developing children’s problem solving capacity is one of the most important current challenges facing education.


However, sector specialists are still unsure how to tackle this problem. For the time being, most of the teachers still approach problem solving in a conventional way even if they are aware that the issue has not been solved.

donguri DONGURI

I believe there is however a method DONGURI developed in Japan which would help to develop problem solving skills in children with fun. The method is based on understanding the human thinking process and how this can be employed to develop children’s academic ability taking also into consideration their brain development.


I would be very interested in understanding the effectiveness of this methodology and explore, if it is considered to have potential, its potential introduction in a multilingual country such as Luxembourg.


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DONGURI can help children to understand and think.

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どんぐりセミナーdonguri DONGURI SEMINARIO23oct.2018


About the writer of this website

With a degree in Arts and Languages, she undertook a postgraduate degree in Speech and Language pathology. Registered SLT(Speech and Language Therapy) practitioner and engaged in rehabilitation, such as Aphasia, higher brain dysfunction, swallowing disorders, children’s development support, hearing impairment support.

Now engaged in supporting children and mothers for good education.


【Books in Japanese】

1 to 5 years old

Being slowly leisurely and self paced develops children’s ability

The secret of the children’s drawing to bring up their spontaneous character and academic achievement

donguri DONGURI マガンニャ直子 

『How to be able to read 1006 characters of Kanji
more easily by practicing with pointing』
Japanese as heritage language

DONGURI donguri マガンニャ直子 漢字 小学生 ハーフ


“1 to 12-year-old “Children’s drawing development lecture.”

To demonstrate 120% of children’s rich emotions and talents and also to develop their academic achievement and humanity to carve out one’s life.

donguri DONGURI Naoko Magana マガンニャ直子


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DONGURI can help children to understand and think.