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3 Steps for getting high-standard problem solving ablity

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To get advanced problem solving ability,
don’t forget to teach children all these 3 steps below.

They are basic for all subjects at school and important steps.

Step 1 understanding(visualizing)
Step2 thinking(operation:move, copy, compare, transform)
Step3 calculation and presentation by math language(formula)

donguri DONGURI international math3 steps

We need to teach children all of these Steps for developing them
high-standard problem solving ability.

We have not been known how to raise Step1 and Step2 for a longtime. That is why children are taught only Step 3 at school and home.

However, the most important thing that younger children should learn is Step1 and 2.

Even though children can do Step3(calculation) with high speed , they will never get the high standard problem solving ability without leaning Step1 and 2.

And of course they need Step 1(understanding) before to move to Step2(thinking).

Step 1 understanding(visualizing) and
Step2 thinking(operation:move, copy, compare, transform)

are sensitive part to develop and takes time than Step3.

so, we teachers and parents should teach children the most efective way to understand and think. Be patient and wait for that children go forward by themselves a little by little.

DONGURI has a method how to realize these important

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